Invicta Innovations Consultancy

Global Shared knowledge, Localised focus

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Invicta Innovations was founded in 2012 in the UK. Our organisation provides exceptional bespoke solutions for our clients. Collaboratively we will achieve greater heights performance. 

As a company, our mission is to deliver world-class solutions, which is underpinned by incomparable support.  We bring across more than 30 years of diverse international experience at senior level positions from industries crossing areas in banking, insurance, leading global Hospitals both in the public and private sectors, sales and marketing, tobacco, education and media.

Invicta Innovations impetus stems from our desire to grow successful brands that generate real growth by attracting and retaining customers.

Invicta Innovations Group is a global company with branches in America, Canada, Australia and Africa. We are involved in:-
* Business Services
* Accounting Services
* Marketing
* Healthcare recruitment
* Education
* Events management
* Video and photography
* Hiring services
* Recruitment
* Training front line staff

At the heart of our vision, "Global shared knowledge enveloped with localised focus."